Educational Design

The KIPP DC Approach

KIPP DC is focused on providing students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to become thoughtful, influential, and successful citizens in the competitive world. Each school leader and teacher is given the “power to lead” and to do “whatever it takes” to achieve KIPP DC’s goals and meet each student’s needs. Subsequently, the curriculum and coursework varies from school to school and classroom to classroom. All of KIPP DC’s lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and each of KIPP DC’s schools is guided by a network-wide model and the belief that all students can and will learn.

Early Childhood

KIPP DC early childhood schools balance developmentally appropriate instruction in math, literacy, and general knowledge with Spanish, art, music, play time, and explicit instruction in social skills. Our youngest KIPPsters leave our early childhood schools with the skills needed for success in elementary school and knowing the year that they will begin college.

Elementary School

KIPP DC elementary schools build on the foundations of the KIPP DC early childhood schools and provide expanded math, literacy, science, social studies, and Spanish instruction. Emphasis is placed on teaching elementary students about the purpose and challenges of college and the hard work that it will take to get there.

Middle School

KIPP DC middle schools use a balanced literacy approach with phonics, readers and writers workshops, and novel study. Math teachers use research-based methods to ensure our students are performing at the highest levels in the city. Students are exposed to a well-rounded curriculum including social studies, science, arts, music, languages, sports, and social skills development. Students leave middle school prepared to excel in college preparatory high schools.

High School

The KIPP DC high school offers rigorous college-preparatory classes, designed to prepare students for success at the nation’s best colleges and universities. Honors and AP classes push the most ambitious students, while top-notch arts, music, sports, community service, and extracurricular programs provide ample time for students to pursue their interests outside the classroom. The college counseling program starts during freshmen year, to help ensure that 100% of KIPP DC students are college bound.