Non-Instructional Positions

Join Our Team and Family

KIPP DC is looking for dynamic and dedicated people to join its Headquarters team. Every position is critical to the overall KIPP DC mission of providing the best education to D.C.’s most underserved communities and children. We believe that every role contributes to a strong culture of achievement that helps our students make significant academic gains and continue to excel in high school and college.

As we expand to serve more students, we anticipate future positions that will include Business Managers, Data Specialists, Accountability Managers, and Office Managers. If you would like to be considered as these opportunities arise, please apply online.

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Support Our Schools & Teachers

From keeping our buildings safe to auditing student enrollment, maintaining iPads and laptops, and crunching assessment data, our school-focused headquarters staff provide the backbone for KIPP DC’s network.

Assessment and Accountability

Our assessment and accountability team maintains documentation and manages matters related to compliance with a full spectrum of federal and state requirements at the campus and school level. An Accountability Manager at each campus works with the school leaders on enrollment, attendance, truancy, student schedules, gradebook management, and more. They also assist in sustaining policies and systems that ensure KIPP DC’s overall compliance with regulations.

Business Operations

Our business operations team oversees the day to day function of KIPP DC. Business managers at each of our campuses implement financial and business processes to ensure the smooth running of our schools—including those relating to procurement, facilities, security, food service, cleaning, cash management, and transportation.

Data and Analytics

Our data team maintains and manages all student, teacher, and organizational data at our schools. Our data specialists are responsible for implementing data management functions that streamline performance between our schools and headquarters. The data and analytics team works closely with the Assessment and Accountability team.


Our technology team is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all technology infrastructure in KIPP DC, including managing all operating systems, routers, laptops, and desktops. Our team works closely with our school leaders to identify greater opportunities for the integration of technology in KIPP DC’s classrooms and instruction.

Support the Growth of Our Network

We rely on our teams to recruit and retain teachers, share our story, raise funds, and manage our finances so that we can continue to grow our network.

External Affairs and Development

Our external affairs team is charged with outreach, development, marketing, communications, and media relations. The team works to increase KIPP DC’s presence in the greater D.C. community and to connect advocates and supporters with KIPP DC. In order to secure the resources needed to fulfill KIPP DC’s mission, the team builds relationships with individual donors, foundations, corporations, and the government.


Our finance team is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of financial transactions within KIPP DC. This team also performs long-term financial planning to inform organization-wide growth and impact strategy.


Our recruitment team attracts high-performing candidates for our headquarters team and exceptional teachers to fill teacher vacancies each year in PreK through twelfth grade classrooms. The Human Resources team onboards new employees, keeps track of payroll, health care benefits, and all required documents of our employees.

Support Our Students & Alumni

Our school staff and KIPP Through College teams ensure that all of our students, regardless of their individual needs and abilities, have the chance to succeed and attain a college degree.

KIPP Through College (KTC)

KIPP Through College instills the academic, professional, and character skills needed for KIPP alumni to be successful in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond. The KIPP DC KTC team does whatever it takes to see alumni through to college graduation and the competitive world beyond. During the ten years following eighth grade promotion, the KTC team works with alumni to identify and further their educational and life goals.

Special Education and Support Services

Our special education and support services team works with schools to develop and implement educational and support plans for students with special needs. The team consists of special education teachers and coordinators, occupational therapists, speech therapists, compliance managers, and social workers.