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We are looking for highly dedicated educators who will bring a “whatever it takes” attitude to helping our students succeed. KIPP DC teachers are responsible for delivering effective, high-quality, and rigorous instruction in their content areas, producing unmatched academic results and student growth. KIPP DC gives its students an intensive foundation in the core academic subjects with an emphasis on developing the knowledge and skills necessary for success in school and in life. The KIPP DC community holds itself to high standards, cognizant that success can be achieved by all, regardless of challenging circumstances, through team work, tenacity, and focused dedication.

What makes teaching at KIPP DC unique?

More Time

KIPP DC believes in more time for teachers and students. Each day, teachers have at least two hours of planning time built into their schedules. For our students, the extended school day means more time to catch up on core subjects and opportunities to explore extracurricular activities.

Innovative Classrooms

At KIPP DC, teachers are given both the freedom to create their own curriculum and the tools and data needed to ensure that students are making progress each day. With SMART Boards, laptops, and iPads in each classroom, our teachers and students have access to the latest in learning technology and software.


Imagine working at a school where the teacher across the hall is an expert in his or her subject and you plan together every single week. KIPP DC schools encourage team planning and build time into the schedule for teachers to observe each other, reflect, share great ideas, and get inspiration.

Constant Growth

Just like our students, KIPP DC expects its teachers to grow each day. With regular observation and feedback cycles, our teachers and school leaders meet each week to review lesson plans, celebrate successes, and plan next steps to ensure that our teachers continue to grow year after year.

Team and Family

At KIPP DC, our teachers are “on the same page”. They hold high expectations for students, both academically and behaviorally. By making no excuses and taking no shortcuts, KIPP DC schools are successful because the adults in the building work together to build a strong and united school culture.

Find out more from one of our teachers!

KIPP DC Lead Teacher Selection Process

For most teaching candidates who progress beyond the online application, the selection process involves the following steps:

Recruitment Hiring Process

Other steps in the selection process may include: teaching video, a video interview, transcripts submission, among other activities.

School Visit at our Douglass Campus

KIPP DC is hosting our next School Visit at our Douglass Campus on Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 9:00am.

The School Visit will last about an hour and half and include an introduction to KIPP DC, classroom tours, an observation debrief, and the opportunity to discuss FAQs. Participants have the chance to learn about teaching opportunities, meet school leaders, and see KIPP DC schools in action!

If you are interested in attending, please email Katie McMahon at katie.mcmahon@kippdc.org to RSVP.

Refer a Teacher

Do you know a great teacher who should apply to teach with us? You can earn $100 for a successful referral. Click here to learn more!

This year, KIPP DC will have five Lead Teacher application deadlines, however since we hire our Lead Teachers on a rolling basis, we strongly encourage all candidates to apply as early as possible.

Our deadlines are:
November 10th
January 5th
February 16th
April 6th
May 18th

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