Enrollment FAQ

If my child is offered a spot at a KIPP DC school, what documentation must I provide to secure my spot?

If you are matched to KIPP DC in Round 1 of the lottery, you must enroll your child by May 2. Beginning on April 4th, families can provide proof of D.C. residency in person at the school, complete the MySchoolDC enrollment form, and complete additional paperwork required by the individual school.  If you do not enroll your child by May 2, you may lose your space.

All new students must provide/complete the following documents during the registration process:

Required Forms:

  • Online Registration with SchoolMint (letters with your log-in information are mailed home, e-mailed to the guardian, or are available at the school)
  • Student’s long-form Birth Certificate (copy or original)
  • Government issued identification of parent or legal guardian
  • Proof of legal guardianship (if applicable)
  • Copy of Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 plan (if applicable)
  • Copy of student records from prior school (e.g., report cards, test data, etc.)
  • Oral and physical health certificates
  • Proof of D.C. residency

What is the age criterion for students enrolling at KIPP DC?

Grade Minimum Age on 9/30/2017 Maximum Age on 6/1/2018
PreK3 3 4
PreK4 4 5
Kindergarten 5 6
1st Family must provide proof that student was promoted from previous grade 8
2nd 9
3rd 10
4th 11
5th 12
6th 13
7th 14
8th 15
9th 16
10th 17
11th 18
12th 19

Please note that PreK3 and PreK4 students must meet school readiness standards, including being potty-trained, by the first day of school or they are ineligible for enrollment.