Capital Teaching Residency

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We know that quality teachers are crucial influencers of student success. Capital Teaching Residency builds a pipeline of qualified teachers in the D.C. area.


The mission of the Capital Teaching Residency is to close the opportunity gap by:

  • Creating a talent pipeline of highly effective teachers in the District of Columbia
  • Retaining highly effective teachers in D.C. public and charter schools
  • Shaping high-quality teacher preparation programs nationally.

Benefits of the Program

High Quality Training with Gradual Release

It takes more than a few weeks to learn how to be a great teacher; spend a year getting the support, resources, and coaching that you need.

Unique Learning Environment in Award Winning Schools

Become a part of transformational school communities at KIPP DC led by administrators and teachers dedicated to setting up their students for a lifetime of success.

Maximum Impact in a Supportive Environment

Join a network of peers who are committed to having lasting impact in the classroom, forming life-long relationships, and receiving mentorship from highly effective teachers.

A Versatile District of Columbia Credential

Residents earn a teaching licensure after successfully completing all requirements in their residency year. Following that year, Residents may seek add-on licenses for additional grade levels or content areas.

Capital Teaching Residency Positions

  • Early Childhood & Elementary

    • One year residency placement in a classroom with an experienced teacher and participation in the Early Childhood District of Columbia licensure program provided by KIPP DC.
    • Two year teaching commitment post residency year at training school or partner charter school.
    • Opportunity to earn accelerated one year master’s degree from accredited institution of higher education in year three of CTR commitment; with discounted tuition.*

    *Degree paid by CTR with options for loans.

  • Secondary

    • One year residency placement in classroom with experienced teacher and participation in Secondary District of Columbia licensure program provided by accredited institution of higher education.
    • Two year teaching commitment post residency year at training school or partner charter school.
    • Required second year of coursework in year two of commitment to earn Master of Arts in Teaching; degree will be free of charge if CTR commitment is completed. **

    ** Small upfront payment and relevant paperwork may be required.

How to Apply

Capital Teaching Residents commit to teaching for a minimum of three years in Washington, D.C. Residents spend the first year of this commitment—their residency year—training in a classroom with a highly effective mentor teacher. Residents get placed at one of KIPP DC’s 16 high-performing public schools in Washington D.C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Capital Teaching Residency Program?

    The Capital Teaching Residency (CTR) is a nationally recognized, highly selective, three year teacher training program that provides a pathway for new teachers to develop into outstanding educators. Your first year will be your residency year. During your residency year, you will have the opportunity to obtain your teaching certification while training in the classroom with a highly effective mentor teacher. Following your residency year, you will be committed to two additional years of teaching at KIPP DC or a partner public charter school in Washington, D.C.
  • How do I apply to be a Capital Teaching Resident?

    The first step is to complete your online application. If the selection team feels that you are a potential fit for the CTR, you will be asked to move forward to a phone interview. The phase following your phone interview will be an in-person interview with the school leaders that directly manage the Capital Teaching Residents. You will be notified of your final status within two to three weeks of your in-person interview. Although CTR will conduct six application cycles, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. The CTR evaluates applications and hires candidates on a rolling basis. Therefore, there is a significant advantage to applying early in the application season.
  • Who should apply to the CTR program?

    CTR is a highly selective program. You will have the highest chance of acceptance if you: Have obtained a bachelor’s degree by June of 2018 (required) and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher Have not previously served for a full year as a lead teacher Once hired, successfully pass your first Praxis II exam, as well as the CORE exam, before you begin your residency year in the fall Have a history of achievement and perseverance Are growth-oriented, ready to learn the art of teaching, and willing to work extremely hard in order to continuously improve your craft Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to students and the mission of KIPP DC Are a team player who is willing to work collaboratively with others to support the success of students.
  • Does the CTR program train Residents in all grade levels and all subject areas?

    Each year, over 50 percent of the Capital Teaching Residents are placed as Early Childhood Education (ECE) Residents. ECE Residents are placed in classrooms with students ages three to five. As an ECE Resident, you will benefit from the unique experience of working with D.C.’s youngest students at a critical point in their development. Preference for selection into the secondary math and science training program will be given to applicants with strong backgrounds in math and science (typically candidates who completed a degree in math or science during their undergraduate careers). Secondary positions are available at both the middle school and high school levels. Secondary Residents are required to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching during their second year of commitment.