Career Transition

College completion is an important step towards leading a life filled with career choices and opportunity. KTC is dedicated not only to seeing every KIPP alumni to and through college but also to preparation for the world beyond. KTC works with students and alumni to develop the skills needed to navigate the workforce and begin working toward a successful career.

KIPP Through College encourages each student to develop a Career Readiness Plan focused on:

  • Developing self-assurance and understanding where you are
  • Connecting with the world beyond
  • Building the skills to be career ready
  • Applying skills real-time while gaining work experience
    • Internships
    • Externships
    • Employment
    • Community Service

Future Focus

Through a partnership with Accenture, KIPP DC’s KTC team created Future Focus, a career readiness program focused on building the essential career readiness skills needed for success in the competitive job market. Future Focus provides KIPP DC high school students and alumni with workshops focused on college and career readiness topics, mentorship with professionals, and a summer internship experience targeted to each student’s area of career interest.