College Transition

Throughout high school and during senior year, KIPP DC students and their families receive support to assist in the sometimes difficult transition to college. This support includes college selection and financial aid assistance, SAT and ACT preparation, strategic goal setting, and pre-college workshops for students and families.

Once KIPP DC alumni are enrolled in college, KTC is there to help ensure that students have the resources and self-advocacy skills needed to attain a college degree. The KTC team builds strong partnerships with the universities where KIPPsters attend, counsels alumni about financial aid, course selection, and career paths, and provides access to important on- and off-campus resources.

At the national level, KIPP works to keep KIPPsters connected through the College Ambassadors program and has created college partnerships with the institutions that share our belief that a student’s zip code and family income should not dictate whether he or she attains a degree. Partner universities commit to not only admitting KIPP students, but also providing critical resources once those students are on campus to ensure that the students remain on track for a college degree. Current KIPP college partners include Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane University, Colby College, Syracuse University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College.

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