Friends of KIPP DC

Friends of KIPP DC is a community-focused organization committed to positively impacting students and families in the District of Columbia. Members of Friends of KIPP DC connect and activate resources, relationships, and opportunities to amplify outcomes for KIPP DC students and alumni.

Member Profile

  • Dynamic leaders deeply committed to improving educational outcomes and opportunities for Washington, D.C.’s students.

  • Creative and energetic catalysts who bring vision and insight to KIPP DC’s community.

  • Dedicated advocates, volunteers, and network-builders passionate about improving life outcomes for KIPP DC’s students and alumni.

Commitment & Impact

Friends of KIPP DC members work together as a community cohort to make an immediate and enduring impact in the D.C. community. Your cohort, a passionate group of like-minded individuals, will meet regularly to collaborate, build bonds, and create change.

Cohorts are led by members of the Friends of KIPP DC Leadership Committee and have the opportunity to:

  • Annually lead and execute at least four impact-focused events, including community mobilization initiatives, fundraising campaigns, and campus volunteer projects.
  • Build connections with other leaders in the local and national education community.
  • Add much needed capacity to KIPP DC’s transformative, high-impact school system.

Join Friends of KIPP DC 

We are excited to welcome new members to our Fall 2018 Cohort of Friends of KIPP DC. We encourage you to fill out the commitment form to start making an impact in your community. By coming together to leverage our collective impact, Friends of KIPP DC members have the power to be true change-makers in the local and national education community.

Friends of KIPP DC Commitment Form

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"Getting involved with KIPP DC has allowed me to meet an amazing group of people who are passionate about education. KIPP DC does so much to set their students up for success, and Friends of KIPP is a great way to drive a positive impact in the community."

Abby Cooner, Friends of KIPP DC Steering Committee


"Working with our young leaders of tomorrow has been an immensely rewarding experience for me. I would highly encourage anyone looking to give back to consider sharing your time and talents with this amazing organization."

Don Fuller, KIPP DC Ambassador Board


"KIPP DC’s singular drive to help every child succeed is infectious – It inspired me to get involved to help drive their mission forward in any way I could."

Elizabeth Carls, Friends of KIPP DC Steering Committee