KIPP Through College & Career

Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to graduate from college and enter a rewarding career.  KIPP Through College & Career was created to ensure that all KIPP DC alumni have the tools and support needed to attain a college degree. The KTC team works to instill the academic, professional, and character skills needed for our alumni to be successful in high school, college, and the competitive world.

KIPP DC student at graduation

How KIPP Through College & Career Works

The KTC team begins working with KIPP DC students in middle school to help them prepare for the transition to KIPP DC College Preparatory and other high-performing high schools. Throughout high school, KTC stays connected with our alumni and offer academic, college placement, and career readiness programming. Once our alumni graduate from high school, KTC continues to support and collaborate with them on their path toward college completion and self-sustaining careers.

"It's not about going to a prestigious institution, or about going somewhere that feels comfortable to you; but more so about joining a community that you can positively influence and contribute to. That's where you should choose."

Christian Sturdivant, KIPP DC College Preparatory '17