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Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to graduate from college. Your donation to KIPP DC provides the above-and-beyond programming and supports that are central to our students’ success. Thank you for helping our students rise to and through college.

The Impact of Your Gift

  • KIPP Through College & Career

    KIPP DC makes a sacred commitment to its families—we’ll support their child through college graduation and onto a life full of opportunity. KIPP Through College & Career supports KIPP DC alumni with a comprehensive suite of programs focused on success in college and career. This program is fully funded through the generosity of KIPP DC donors.

  • Capital Teaching Residency

    We know that quality teachers are crucial influencers of student success. The nationally-recognized Capital Teaching Residency builds a pipeline of diverse talent for public schools in Washington, D.C. The recruitment, selection, training, and professional development of the participants in this program is supported by non-public funding sources.

  • Scholarships

    KIPP DC alumni are on track to graduate college at five times the District average. Through our match and persistence scholarship funds, we are able to ensure that financial barriers do not hold our alumni back from college graduation. Our scholarship fund is 100% supported through private donations.

  • Growth

    KIPP DC has a bold five-year growth plan. We aim to open new schools and grow to educate and support nearly 12,000 students and alumni each year. To build new facilities designed for 21st-century learning, we’ll rely on the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

Make A Donation

Gift Designations

KIPP DC educates and supports students in many ways. Help us have a greater impact on the areas that matter most to you.

  • Wherever the need is greatest

    Making a donation wherever the need is greatest allows KIPP DC to optimize your donation by supporting one of the programs most in need of philanthropic support. Gifts with this designation could be used to support one or more of the following programs: KIPP Through College & Career, the Capital Teaching Residency, scholarships, special education and mental health interventions, academic and extracurricular program enhancements, and/or network expansion and facilities improvements.

  • KIPP Through College & Career

    At KIPP DC, we make a sacred promise to support our students through college graduation or to a self-sustaining career. Our alumni support program, KIPP Through College & Career, is wholly funded through private philanthropy. Donations to the KIPP Through College & Career program ensure that more than 1,500 KIPP DC alumni have access to the tools and resources needed to attain their dreams.

  • Capital Teaching Residency

    Great teachers are core to student success. Annually, the nationally recognized Capital Teaching Residency trains 100 aspiring educators and fuels the pipeline of highly effective teachers in Washington, D.C. Gifts to this program help KIPP DC recruit and train more Residents—ensuring every child has an exceptional teacher leading their classroom.

  • Beyond Z Monthly Giving

    Each day, thousands of students arrive to school at KIPP DC ready to learn and grow. Through a sustaining monthly contribution, you can play a pivotal role in helping us improve life outcomes for the next generation of Washingtonians. At whatever giving level, your gift helps KIPP DC equip students and alumni with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be successful in the competitive world.

  • The Katie Gruenheck Fund for College Completion

    The Katie Gruenheck Fund for College Completion changes lives. What started as a way to honor the passion and selflessness of one woman has grown exponentially in impact—spurring the upward trajectory of over 700 first-generation college students from Washington, D.C. Your donation to The Katie Gruenheck Fund helps provide key resources for first generation college students, including:

    • Personalized college access support and financial aid navigation workshops for both students and families
    • Tailored one-on-one coaching, including monthly check-ins and on-campus visits from KIPP DC’s college support team
    • Book and supply scholarships and other critical financial assistance, ensuring college costs are not a barrier to college completion
Make A Donation

Other Ways to Give & Financials

In addition to making a donation online, please consider contributing to KIPP DC in any way that is most convenient or advantageous for you. Looking for more information about KIPP DC’s financial health? Look below for our important financial documents.

  • Donate by Check

    Please make all donations by check payable to “KIPP DC” and send them to:

    Attn: Theresa Loth
    2600 Virginia Avenue NW, Suite 900
    Washington, D.C. 20037

  • Donate by Electronic Funds Transfer

    You can support KIPP DC without ever writing another check. Through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can spread the cost of your support over the course of a year or through a one-time gift by authorizing your bank to transfer to KIPP DC a monthly or one-time amount. You might already use EFT to pay your mortgage, insurance, or auto loans and know how simple and secure it is. Be assured that your account will only be accessed for this purpose and for the amount that you have chosen. All personal information will be held in the strictest confidence.

  • Donate Stock or Property

    If you would like to make a gift of mutual fund shares, closely held stock, land, or other forms of stock or property, please contact a member of KIPP DC’s development team.

  • Donate In-Kind

    We regularly collect donations of classroom supplies, equipment, furniture, and personal items for students and families in need. Please contact a member of KIPP DC’s development team to see if a potential donation could be utilized by one of our schools.

  • IRS Letter of Determination

    KIPP DC Public Charter Schools is a registered 501c3. For a copy of our IRS letter of determination, reach out to our development team.