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KIPP DC believes closer partnerships with higher education institutions are key opportunities for continued progress and learning. Our ultimate goal is to identify strategies that can be implemented by educational institutions to help close the opportunity gap for all first-generation college goers and students of color.


  • Carol & Eugene Ludwig College Match Fund

    The College Match Scholarship fund supports current high school seniors in the decision-making phase, making it financially possible for students to match and matriculate to a college with a higher graduation rate. The program fully funds the financial gap for a student to attend their higher match college option for four years.
  • Carol & Eugene Ludwig Persistence Fund

    The Persistence Fund is intended for current students in college and in career & trade programs who have a financial aid gaps that could affect year-to-year persistence. These one-time, emergency grants are eligible to cover tuition, room and board, books, supplies, travel, etc.

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University of Maryland

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Trinity Washington Universirty

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Georgetown University

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Temple University

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Duke University

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University of Pennsylvania

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Radford University

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"I really appreciate the opportunity to be a Ludwig Match Scholarship recipient! It means so much to me that I don't have to stress figuring out how to pay for school each semester."

Taliah Smith, KIPP DC College Preparatory '17