Engaging on the Issues

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Engaging on the Issues is a series dedicated to elevating key issues impacting KIPP DC students, teachers, and families. Through a series of engaging events this school year, we’re raising the profile of the specific problems impacting education in Washington, DC. Each event is an opportunity to bring various voices and perspectives together to build and grow from one another.

Thank you for joining our Engaging on the Issues Conversations for the 2022-2023 school year! Stay tuned for conversations in the upcoming school year.

Past Engaging on the Issues Conversations

Career Readiness in the District

KIPP DC works closely with local leaders and city partners to expand career readiness programming for high schoolers—supporting all students to achieve their dreams. Learn how KIPP DC is developing dynamic and innovative career programming to support students and alumni as they enter an ever-changing workforce. This conversation features speakers from KIPP Forward, KIPP DC College Preparatory, PGIM Real Estate, and CareerWise DC.

View Webinar from Friday, March 24 2023

Looking Ahead with KIPP DC's New President

KIPP DC is thrilled to welcome Shannon Hodge, a longtime champion of KIPP DC and a local education leader, as our president. During her first few months, Shannon hosted a series of listening tours with school teams and leaders in the community to hear what is on the hearts and minds of students, families, staff, and stakeholders. Learn more about Shannon as she shares more about her professional journey as well as her hopes for the future of the network.

View Webinar from Thursday, November 10 2022

Back-to-School Briefing

KIPP DC is committed to creating joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue their paths. We continue to make significant investments to ensure our school communities are both welcoming and safe environments for student success. Learn more from KIPP DC leaders on new initiatives, investments, and school year plans.

View webinar from Friday, September 23 2022

Reimagining the Future of Career Readiness

The KIPP Forward team works closely with high school students and alumni to prepare them with the skills and confidence to pursue their paths – college, career, and beyond. This conversation highlights how KIPP DC is reimagining what career readiness opportunities and exposure look like for our high schools.

View Webinar from Friday, May 20 2022

Reimagining Summer Enrichment

This year, we are making significant investments to provide on-site summer enrichment and tutoring options for students, as well as a new overnight summer camp. Learn more about how KIPP DC is reimagining summer enrichment for students.

View Webinar from Friday, April 8 2022

Amplifying Student & Family Voices

KIPP DC is committed to advocating for all children in the District of Columbia. We aim to engage with District policies that impact students, families, and our school communities. To ensure all voices are heard, it is vital that we collaborate with local organizations to elevate key issues.

View Webinar from Friday, March 11 2022

Accelerating Student Learning

KIPP DC is committed to creating joyful and academically excellent schools. As students return to in-person learning, we are making significant investments to reimagine and accelerate student learning. Read about KIPP DC leaders and educators to learn how we are enhancing the student literacy and mathematics experience.

View Recap from Thursday, October 22 2021