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  • Ms. Bryan smiling into the camera inside her classroom

    Staff Spotlight: Tiffany Bryan

    Posted on September 21, 2023

    Tiffany Bryan | Music Teacher | KIPP DC Promise Academy We want to recognize Ms. Tiffany Bryan as KIPP DC’s…

  • Student outdoors

    KIPP DC Students Explore New Horizons

    Posted on September 20, 2023

    Over the summer, ten KIPP DC College Prep students, under the guidance of KIPP Forward’s college and career counselor Mr. Patrick Wu,…

  • Update on Student Transportation for First Week of School

    Update on Student Transportation for First Week of School

    Posted on August 12, 2023

    Ahead of the first day of classes on Monday, August 14, KIPP DC is working closely with the Office of…

  • Headshot of Stacey McAllister

    Staff Spotlight: Stacey McAllister

    Posted on August 3, 2023

    Stacey McAllister | School Compliance Manager | KIPP DC HDQ KIPP DC takes immense pride in acknowledging the invaluable contributions…

  • KIPP DC Interns Shine

    Posted on July 31, 2023

    This summer, KIPP DC welcomed a group of talented interns who joined the organization from June to August. These individuals…

  • Headshot of Anthony Guyton

    Staff Spotlight: Anthony Guyton

    Posted on July 17, 2023

    Anthony Guyton | Senior Manager of Post-Secondary Support and College Partnerships | KIPP Forward KIPP DC takes immense pride in…

  • Erica Newsom smiling into camera

    Staff Spotlight: Erica Newsom

    Posted on July 7, 2023

    Erica Newsom | Director of School Operations | KIPP DC HDQ KIPP DC takes great pride in acknowledging and celebrating…

  • 2023-24 Student Immunization Information

    2023-24 Student Immunization Information

    Posted on June 15, 2023

    Childhood immunizations are critically important to protect your children from infectious diseases and ensure our school communities are safe and…

  • 23-24 Principal in Residence Cohort

    Meet the 2023-24 KIPP DC Principal-in-Residence Cohort

    Posted on June 13, 2023

    We are excited to highlight the 2023-24 Principal-in-Residence cohort! Each of these tremendous leaders has spent many years teaching and…

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