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The backbone of KIPP DC student success is a team of exceptionally talented and diverse teachers and leaders. United by the belief that an excellent education transforms lives, this team has helped KIPP DC become the highest-performing school system in the District of Columbia.

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Priority Roles

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers work with students to accomplish goals on their individual education plans (IEPs) in both a push-in and pull-out setting. While most schools follow the inclusion model, some early childhood schools also support students who need more individualized instruction through a co-teaching model in their general education classroom.Teacher salaries are exempt and start at $65,500 and increase with years of experience. Please see the salary scale here.

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In-house Substitute Teacher (PreK-4th Grade; 5th-12th Grade)

The In House Substitute Teacher position is a one-year role that supports classroom instruction by providing class coverage when teachers are absent and assisting the lead teacher with instruction and classroom management when coverage is not needed.

This position continues through the end of the 2024-25 school year. At the end of the school year, In House Substitute Teachers may interview for or be offered the role of Capital Teaching Resident, Lead Teacher, or another role at their school or another KIPP DC school. As the In House Substitute Teacher role is a one year role, a position for the following school year is not guaranteed. This role is an exempt position and will report to the principal of the In House Substitute Teacher’s assigned school. In House Substitute Teachers will receive an annual salary of $45,000 and a competitive benefits package

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