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KIPP DC aspires to improve life outcomes for the next generation of Washingtonians. That requires exceptionally talented teachers and leaders who will guide students through school, college, and careers.

Whether it’s providing intensive special education services or extra social-emotional learning opportunities and mental health support, our schools and teachers are committed to student success. Because of this, KIPP DC is committed to its teachers, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to excel.

Why Kipp DC

Professional Development

KIPP DC has a deep commitment to developing its teachers and staff. We seek to deliver unparalleled coaching and development to our teachers, so they can maximize their impact on student achievement.

Why Kipp DC

Team & Family Culture

KIPP DC’s teachers create a sense of belonging in their classrooms through strong relationships with students and families. We learn, grow, and support each other to ensure we’re at our  best for students. With a national network of teachers, you’ll never feel you’re climbing the mountain alone.

Why Kipp DC

Sustainability & Benefits

We’re committed to providing best-in-class benefits to our teachers and staff. Elements of KIPP DC’s benefits package include compensation above the District average, with additional salary for KIPP DC’s extended day and year, subsidized health and dental insurance, an annual renewal bonus, and a school calendar designed to maximize sustainability!

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Capital Teaching Residency

Capital Teaching Residents commit to teaching for a minimum of three years in Washington, D.C. Residents spend the first year of this commitment—their residency year—training in a classroom with a highly effective mentor teacher. Residents get placed at one of KIPP DC’s 16 high-performing public schools in Washington D.C.

During their residency year, Residents have the opportunity to obtain their certification and train in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Math, Science, or English Language Arts classrooms. After the completion of their residency year, KIPP DC Residents are given the opportunity to pursue an additional certification in Special Education.

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Lindsay Dooner

8th grade / KIPP DC KEY Academy

“The team and family vibe is very real. I experienced that even as an intern, I felt very included and my contribution valuable.  We don’t close our doors and teach. […] I am able to work with others in deep and meaningful ways. My students have more opportunities because of the collaboration.”Read Lindsay’s Teacher Spotlight!




Christopher Keys

4th grade / KIPP DC Spring Academy

“We’re really blessed to teach the children of D.C. Students have done nothing short of amaze me with their intellect and wit. I’m honored to be their teacher.” Read Chris’ Teacher Spotlight.


Chelsea Dunn

4th grade/ KIPP DC Promise Academy

“My colleagues are my family, my students are my family. It’s part of every single thing that I do. I know that my kids feel safe and that echoes from the team and family environment that my administration and my coworkers create. We can mirror that on our students.Read Chelsea’s Teacher Spotlight.

KIPP DC Employee Benefits

Why D.C.

Not only do we have the most powerful politicians and thought leaders in our backyard, but D.C. has also taken center stage when it comes to the education reform movement. With 45% of students in the city attending public charter schools—and more than 10% of those students attending KIPP DC—the work that we do is shaping the national conversation about urban education.

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