NAF Academy of Finance

The NAF Academy of Finance aims to prepare high school students for careers in finance through a rigorous, career-focused curriculum. Students gain real-world experience through work-based learning and engagement opportunities with business professionals—setting the stage for college success and rewarding careers.

Work-Based Learning

NAF’s work-based learning approach brings the workplace to the classroom for students through:

  • Guest speakers
  • Career readiness workshops
  • Field trips to businesses and finance schools
  • Site visits
  •  Help with elevator pitches, resumes, and interviews
  • Job Shadowing
  • Mandatory paid internships

Courses Offered

NAF provides a career-themed curriculum that incorporates current practices in the finance industry. Planned course offerings include:

  • Financial Services
  • Principals of Finance
  • Business 101
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Virtual Enterprise
  • Accounting

The KIPP in Touch Podcast: Minnie Das on KCP's Academy of Finance

Minnie Das, director of the NAF Academy of Finance at KIPP DC College Preparatory, stopped by the KIPP in Touch Podcast to discuss establishing the academy at KCP, it's partnership with the National Academies Foundation (NAF) and the D.C. Career Academy Network (DCCAN), and how it's preparing students to "Be Future Ready."


"We strive to educate, support, and encourage our students as they finish out their K-12 schooling experience. It is incredibly rewarding to see cohorts of students come through year after year, graduate high school, and head into the world equipped to live a life full of opportunity and choice. "

Andhra Lutz, Principal, KIPP DC College Preparatory

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