KIPP DC Alumni Association Class Ambassadors

KIPP DC Alumni Association Class Ambassadors

Interested in connecting your friends and classmates? Curious about how to build support networks? Eager to guide current students and alumni through post-graduation life? Apply to be a Class Ambassador for the KIPP DC Alumni Association!

What is expected of me as a Class Ambassador?

A Class Ambassador creates and maintains strong connections with KIPP DC alumni. They share alumni events and memories, engage with peers, and create alumni networking opportunities. As a Class Ambassador, you’ll function as a:

  • Liaisons: Class Ambassadors acts as the main communication source between alumni, current students, and they’ll inform their classmates on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and alumni news through social media platforms, emails, website maintenance, and calls.
  • Motivators:  while communicating with their classmates, a Class Ambassador encourages their classmates to be involved with the Alumni Association activities and events. They’ll collaborate with their peers to identify volunteer opportunities, advocacy initiatives, and networking events.
  • Decision Makers: contributes their voice to the Alumni Association by creating and implementing events, identifying issues faced by KIPP DC alumni, and discussing initiatives targeted towards alumni and student success.

How do I become a Class Ambassador?

The application for the 2019-20 has closed.

If you have any questions, reach out to Nathan Woods,