Family Spotlight – Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson

Meet Mr & Mrs. Jefferson | KIPP DC Benning Campus

KIPP DC takes pride in celebrating the invaluable contributions of our families in the community. This month, we are delighted to spotlight Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson, proud natives of Washington, DC, and devoted parents to three sons who attend our Benning Campus. They have been members of the KIPP DC family for six years.

Mrs. Talisha Jefferson is a program manager, while Mr. Keith Jefferson is a business manager in the hospitality industry. Despite their demanding careers, they consistently prioritize active engagement in family activities at our schools, demonstrating their commitment to their children’s education. “We love how the curriculum incorporates DC culture and Black excellence. One event, in particular, holds a special place in our hearts as a favorite, as it was DC-themed and allowed parents to actively participate.”

One of the most cherished aspects of the KIPP DC experience for Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson is their profound relationships with teachers and staff members on campus. “We enjoy the relationships that we have with the teachers and administrators. It’s a bonus to have the ability to reach out to them via calls or texts whenever needed, even if it’s late. They are always responsive, and we sincerely appreciate their support. This kind of supportive community feels like being part of a big family, which is incredibly important when raising children.”

The Jeffersons’ dedication stems from not only the support they receive from staff, but also the quality of education KIPP DC provides their children. “We love the programs that KIPP DC offers our children in terms of education. They ensure that our children meet their grade level and provide the necessary support to help them succeed and exceed their potential.”

When they’re not on campus, you can find the Jeffersons embarking on exciting family adventures, exploring new experiences, and indulging in their passion for travel! We are thrilled to have them as community members and April’s Family Spotlight!

Posted on April 27, 2023 in Awards & Recognition