Family Spotlight – Ms. Sonya Duke

Meet Ms. Sonya Duke | KIPP DC College Preparatory

KIPP DC takes great pride in recognizing the invaluable contributions of our dedicated families in our community. This month, we have the honor of spotlighting Ms. Sonya Duke, a proud native of Washington, D.C., and a devoted parent to her daughter attending KIPP DC College Preparatory.

With over 25 years of experience in cancer research, Ms. Sonya Duke currently serves as a patient care coordinator with Health and Human Services. Ms. Duke is a long time member of the KIPP DC community, having previously been an active member of our KIPP Parent Organization (KPO). She even held the role of KPO president for the Benning Campus, and her commitment was recognized when she was voted as the parent of the year last school year. According to Ms. Duke, “Getting involved with the KPO at the school level is an excellent way to engage with the KIPP community. It allows you to connect with other parents, provide support for the staff, and find ways to support the students.“

One of the most cherished aspects of the KIPP DC experience for Ms. Sonya Duke is her profound relationships with teachers and staff members on campus. She notes that “KIPP DC’s staff has been very receptive to parents. They understand that high school is a crucial transitional period for students. I appreciate the willingness of the staff to engage with parents and involve us in initiatives and decisions that impact the students.”

Ms. Duke’s dedication is not only a product of the support she receives from staff but also stems from her own mother’s influence. “My inspiration is deeply rooted in my mother’s influence. Following the loss of my father during the Vietnam War, she raised my sister and me alone. Her support left an invaluable mark on my values, emphasizing the importance of family and nurturing children. The profound connection I share with my mother’s commitment to our upbringing fuels my drive to make a positive impact.”

Outside of her contributions to the KIPP community and her work, Ms. Duke finds joy in various activities in her free time. When she’s not on campus, you can find Ms. Duke cooking, roller skating, painting, relaxing by the water, and even indulging in her love for trying new restaurants.

Posted on October 26, 2023 in Awards & Recognition