Healthy Operations

KIPP DC is committed to putting the health and safety of our students, staff, and families first inside our school buildings as we gradually return to in-person programming. This page details the health and safety protocols we have implemented, in line with public health guidance and informed by the voices of our school communities, to minimize health risks and produce the best learning environments in our schools for students to succeed.

Face Masks Optional: At this time, masking is optional and encouraged for students and adults when inside a KIPP DC school. If a student tests positive for COVID, they will be required to wear a mask for four days after their isolation period ends. If a student who is not up to date on the vaccine is exposed to COVID-19, they will be required to mask for at least five (5) days after exposure.​​

At-School Symptomatic Testing: Students experiencing COVID-like symptoms during the school day will be required to take a rapid antigen COVID test to remain at school. Tests will be provided by the school.

Contact Tracing: If a student tests positive for COVID-19 (through a rapid antigen or PCR test), they will be required to isolate themselves away from school for a minimum of five days.  Students will be provided with schoolwork to complete during this period. They may return to school on day six (6) after testing positive, or as soon as they are able.

Close Contact Protocol: If a student is named a close contact, in the 2022-23 school year, KIPP DC will send a courtesy exposure notice to those associated with that early childhood to middle school student’s homeroom.

COVID Self Screening: All KIPP DC buildings will have exterior signage to self screen for COVID. Staff, students, and guests who fail the check should not enter the building.

Facilities & Cleaning Upgrades: Over the past three years, we have made large improvements in our school facilities as it relates to air quality and cleaning protocols. We will continue to regularly clean and disinfect our classrooms and high-touch areas with Clorox 360 electrostatic cleaners. In addition, we will continue to maintain our HVAC systems’ ability to quickly circulate fresh air and eliminate air-borne viruses.

COVID Vaccines: We encourage all staff and eligible students to take the COVID vaccine. If your child has received the COVID vaccine over the summer, please email a picture of their card to so we may update our records. 

Protocols Further Explained: We will regularly update our COVID Health Data website for families to check.