Junior Spotlights – Joel, Onesti, Ajani & Gabrielle

As we near the end of the school year, we’re excited to recognize the accomplishments of our junior class at KIPP DC. These exceptional students have shown incredible dedication throughout their high school journey. Let’s take a look into their aspirations!


Junior student, Joel, smiling into camera

Joel finds physics to be his favorite class. When it comes to inspiration, Joel cannot single out just one person because the support system at Legacy College Prep is so exceptional that he considers them his second family. His advice to incoming freshmen is to remain true to themselves. He emphasizes that high school is a diverse environment where everyone embraces unique differences, personalities, and backgrounds. Furthermore, Joel stresses the importance of communicating with teachers and that communication is crucial to success.


Junior student, Onesti, smiling into camera

Onesti has a fondness for both physics and algebra. Her mother and the staff at Legacy College Prep inspire her due to their high expectations. Maintaining those expectations motivates her to strive for excellence. To incoming freshmen, Onesti advises against feeling compelled to conform to activities simply because others are doing them. Instead, she encourages them to remain true to themselves.


Junior student, Ajani, smiling into camera

Ajani finds physics quite fascinating. His friends, including fellow junior student Joel, inspire him to strive for improvement. Ajani advises freshmen to strive for academic excellence, such as taking AP classes and more, as they embark on their high school journey.


Junior student, Gabrielle, smiling into camera

Gabrielle finds world history to be her favorite class, largely thanks to her teacher, who pushes her to do her best and provides unwavering support. Gabrielle draws inspiration from Legacy’s abundant resources and appreciates how staff members ensure students feel empowered, regardless of their background or identity. She advises incoming students to embrace their authentic selves and not attempt to conform.



As these students prepare to embark on their final year of high school, we believe they will leave an unforgettable impact as they showcase their exceptional talent and dedication. We take immense pride in having them as part of our KIPP DC community!


Posted on June 8, 2023 in Community