2022 KIPP Alumni Accelerator Fellowship

KIPP Alumni Accelerator Fellowship

Now in its fifth year, the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator aims to support KIPP alumni in reaching top leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels. The 2022 Fellows will: 

·         Receive 10 months of personalized, executive leadership coaching 

·         Attend two leadership conferences 

·         Join a tight-knit cohort of peers who graduated from KIPP schools across the country 

·         Have access to networking and skill building opportunities 

Meet KIPP DC alumni Andranae Nelson, Lawrence Davin, and Simone Chapman who have been selected to participate in this yearlong program of professional development, mentorship, and network-building. These changemakers will be part of a group of 107 alumni leaders who have gone through the program.

Andranae Nelson

A graduate of KIPP DC: KEY Academy, Andranae Nelson received a full tuition scholarship from the Posse Foundation to attend Bucknell University, where she graduated with a BS in Business Administration and a Spanish minor. She currently works as a Communications Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co., and leads marketing and communications for an internal program for the East region, United States. In her spare time, Andranae serves on the board of directors for ScholarCHIPS, a non-profit organization that provides college scholarships, mentoring and a peer support network for children of incarcerated parents. She also volunteers for the Keystone teen leadership program of the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club. One day, she hopes to lead her own creative agency, using world-class design and visual storytelling to bring brands to life on an international scale.

“My life aspirations are to inspire others through design and communications internationally, create jobs and opportunities, provide access to essential resources and sponsor the next generation…The KIPPAccelerator program will position me to become an executive in my field and improve access for Black and Hispanic/Latino populations in corporate America.”

Lawrence Davin

Lawrence Davin has come full circle at KIPP, from attending KIPP DC to now teaching social studies and orchestra there. After graduating from KIPP, he majored in Political Science at Radford University. While at Radford, Lawrence was able to study abroad in Cuba, studying US-Cuban history and relations. Lawrence is very active in local politics in the DC area, having been elected to two local seats and working on ongoing campaigns. His most immediate goal is to graduate from law school and focus his studies on legal housing, education, and economic development issues so he can impact the local community and continue to run for office.

“I want to gain leadership skills. Being a public leader and an advocate requires being a leader. Being able to lead a group is a skill that opens doors to many industries. Knowing that I have learned from experienced leaders will also make me more confident. These skills will not only set me apart from my peers but also give me the chance to teach them to folks who are following behind me.”

Simone Chapman

Simone Chapman hopes to bring awareness to environmental justice, in order to influence environmental policy implementation and combat climate change. She received a MS in Natural Resources: Environmental Conservation & a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science from the University of New Hampshire (UNH), as well as a BA in Environmental Studies from Temple University. She hopes to use software and tools to actively combat the effects of climate change on marginalized communities. She wants to become a leader in federal organizations, nonprofits or international organizations to leave a legacy of helping solve challenging environmental issues while also targeting public and mental health in addition to financial literacy.

“As a young Black woman in the environmental field, I already see that I am not represented. I am striving to be a blueprint for young emerging environmental leaders, by applying for opportunities to enhance my skill set, broaden my network, and producing tangible results. The skills, tools, networks, and peer connections that will come out of this program, will enhance my career aspirations, and really put me in a better position to achieve the dreams and goals that I see for myself and my community.”

Posted on January 25, 2022 in Awards & Recognition