KIPP DC Interns Shine

This summer, KIPP DC welcomed a group of talented interns who joined the organization from June to August. These individuals had the valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their desired career fields.

Alongside completing projects under the guidance of their managers and teams, interns actively participated in skill-building workshops, had informational interviews with executive leaders, engaged in community-building activities, and volunteered at KIPP DC schools.

KIPP DC intern presenting a presentation“The KIPP DC HDQ Summer Internship Program is founded on three fundamental pillars,” explains Jay Benedith, associate director of talent development and also the internship coordinator. “It aims to provide real-world experiences and invaluable insights into the intricate workings of public education in Washington, DC. Additionally, it offers functional and adaptive professional development opportunities that empower our interns to thrive in their chosen fields. Most importantly, the program fosters lasting professional networks that extend far beyond the summer, nurturing relationships that will shape their future careers.”

Headshot of former intern and current data analyst, Priyanshu Uprety

Among the many shining stars of past cohorts, Priyanshu Uprety’s success story stands as a testament to the program’s impact. As a knowledge and learning intern in the summer of 2021, she exhibited exceptional dedication and talent, earning her an offer to extend her internship through the academic year. She ultimately joined the KIPP DC team as a full time data analyst and served on the KIPP DC HDQ Internship Committee as a thought partner and source of support.

As we bid farewell to this remarkable cohort of interns, we know that they will go on to make a lasting impact in their chosen career paths. We thank them for the energy, creativity, and passion they brought to our organization.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable highlights from our talented interns!

Headshot of intern, Anusha Devireddy

Anusha Devireddy, Technology Operations Intern

“This internship has positively contributed to my professional growth and career developmentas it has given me the opportunity to network with industry professionals and expand my knowledge in areas I’m interested in. Furthermore, I believe this internship has made me more confident by allowing me to use the knowledge and skills I learned in the classroom during college for the real-world. For example, I was able to summarize data by creating pivot tables, graphs, and dashboards which were all skills I learned in my Computers in Business class last semester.”

Headshot of intern, Naomi Hines


Naomi Hines, Student Recruitment Intern

“This internship exceeded my expectations, as it not only provided valuable insights and learning opportunities relevant to my career goals but also offered a supportive environment where I could take on valuable responsibilities and make a positive impact. The experience allowed me to develop my skills, expand my professional network, and gain a deeper understanding of the industry. Overall, it has been a highly rewarding and fulfilling experience that has contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth.”


Learn more about our summer interns! If you are interested in learning more about, supporting or joining the 2024 cohort of summer interns, email associate director of talent development, Jay Benedith.

Posted on July 31, 2023 in Community