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Rooted in the values of community, identity, and investment; KIPP DC AIM Academy helps students develop the skills necessary to become successful college students, professionals, and change agents for their communities. Students are encouraged to ask questions and set high expectations for themselves. Upon completion of eighth grade, AIM Academy students have the choice to move onto KIPP DC Legacy College Preparatory or other competitive high schools in the District.

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"AIM Academy is committed to fostering personal and academic growth in our students. Preparing for high school, college, and the competitive world beyond can be tough; however, we strive to instill confidence and a motivation to succeed in each of our students, so they feel prepared for the future."

Gaelan Gallagher, Principal, KIPP DC AIM Academy

"“I’m big on forging relationships with my students. When you show them you care, not just about the material, but care about them as human beings, they’re willing to put in the hard work or go that extra mile.""

Bridget Dean, Teacher, KIPP DC AIM Academy


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AIM Academy fosters rigorous and supportive learning environments that prepare students for academic success in high school, college, careers, and beyond.

Students are engaged in a diverse curriculum of not only English, math, history, and science classes, but also dance, theater, art, and physical education.

Teachers at AIM Academy are committed to supporting the social-emotional development of their middle school students by developing close relationships with their students and families—ensuring a smooth transition into adolescence.


AIM Academy offers their middle school students a number of activities to grow as citizens and scholars, ranging from exploring the arts to playing sports. AIM Academy facilitates clubs including Girls on the Run, flag football, girls basketball, boys basketball, DC SCORES, student council, soccer, GIRL, Inc. (Got the Intelligence to Rule my Life), dance, step team, Lego club, cheerleading, Project LIT book club, and more.

Awards & Recognition

2019: AIM Academy is recognized as a Bold Performance School by EmpowerK12

2017: AIM Academy educator, Ashleigh Rose, recognized as KIPP DC’s monthly teacher spotlight