KIPP DC Schools Receive Top Ratings from DC Public Charter School Board

On November 7th, the DC Public Charter School Board announced the results of the Performance Management Framework (PMF), an evaluation tool created to assess and monitor charter school performance.

According to the PMF, Tier 1 schools meet standards of high performance; Tier 2 schools fall short of high performance standards but meet minimum overall performance; and Tier 3 schools fall significantly short of high performance standards and could face closure for their inadequate performance.

Every eligible KIPP DC school received a Tier 1 rating on the Performance Management Framework.

Only 20 schools received Tier 1 ratings this year. AIM and KEY Academy received the second and third highest ratings of all charter middle schools and KIPP DC College Preparatory had the third highest rating amongst charter high schools.

Unlike the DC CAS score reports, which only measure absolute performance, the PMF takes into account multiple measures, specifically around growth over time and high school and college readiness, to more holistically evaluate each school.

Posted on September 15, 2013 in Awards & Recognition