KIPP in the Community – November 2019

As we begin to wind down the year, this November there was a heavy emphasis on advocacy and inclusion as KIPP DC team and family participated in hearings, community meetings and met with vital members of our community. November was also the cumulation of many months of planning, information gathering, and reflection. In November, we submitted a proposal to open a second high school facility, only after meeting with neighbors, community members, and families. After more than a year of advocating for Safe Passage, we testified on a new bill to improve student commutes to and from school. We also kicked off the start of the KIPP DC Alumni Council as a result of numerous interviews and planning. This time of year, many of us think about the things for which we grateful. I am grateful for all of the champions that are working tirelessly on behalf of students to make their experiences safer and better.

Happy Holidays,

Althea Holford

Ferebee Hope Community meetingFerebee Hope Community Meeting

On November 14, approximately 300 people attended the Ferebee Hope community meeting in support of KIPP DC’s proposal to build a new high school and recreation facility in Ward 8! With our partners at Nationals Baseball Dream Foundation YBA, Georgetown University Hospital and Training Grounds, Jacque Patterson and Althea Holford from the engagement team presented our proposal to completely renovate the former Ferebee Hope site. Students and parents testified in support of the proposal. Prior to drafting the proposal for Ferebee Hope, KIPP DC conducted surveys, met with community members, and families. We sought to create a proposal that was reflective of the input we received to date. During the hearing, we presented our plans for the site and received community feedback. We are eager to hear back from the Deputy Mayor for Education and the Department of General Services on our proposal.

Althea Holford at DC CouncilKIPP DC Testifies at DC Council

This month Principal Husbey from KIPP DC Promise Academy and managing director of community and government affairs, Althea Holford, both testified on behalf of KIPP DC. Principal Husbey presented to the council about her deep commitment to developing teachers, building relationships with families, and strategies on how to encourage student achievement! As a mom and advocate for Safe Passage, Althea Holford testified before the Committee on Transportation and the Environment on the Safe Passage School Expansion Act of 2019 continuing our commitment to ensure students travel safely to and from school. She advocated for improved transportation options, more well-trained adults to monitor safe routes, and increased collaboration with MPD and WMATA.

KIPP DC Alumni Council Inaugural Meeting

This month the KIPP DC Alumni Council held its inaugural meeting. The KIPP DC Alumni Council is made up students from the classes of 2009-2014 and looks to leverage strengths and lived experiences of all KIPP DC alumni to build a better community. The council aspires to mobilize creatively and collectively to further the mission of KIPP DC, support teachers, current students, families, alumni and our communities. We look forward to seeing this group grow in the years to come. Learn more.

Ward 7 school fairWard 7 School Fair

We were proud to meet so many students and families at the Ward 7 School Fair hosted by the Ward 7 Education Council at Kimball Elementary! It was great to speak with potential families about enrolling students at our KIPP DC schools in Ward 7. Join us on December 14th at EdFest, DC’s city-wide school fair, to learn more about enrolling for 2020-21.

Parent Workshop flyerSocial Media Presentation at KIPP DC Benning Campus

Join us on December 10 at KIPP DC Benning Campus for our parent workshop on social media safety! Alongside parents and staff, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a national expert on the impact of social media on mental health, will share tips on how to support children in developing healthy social media habits. We look forward to engaging on this important topic with our students and families.

Join Friends of KIPP DC!

On November 5, the engagement team met with the Friends of KIPP to discuss our many engagement opportunities in the coming year. We are excited to have strong partners and to create more opportunities for students. Friends of KIPP DC is a community-focused organization committed to positively impacting students and families in the District of Columbia. Members of Friends of KIPP DC connect and activate resources, relationships, and opportunities to amplify outcomes for KIPP DC students and alumni. Learn more about Friends of KIPP.

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