Fueling Legacy: The Bulldog Bodega Story

At KIPP DC Legacy College Preparatory, the Bulldog Bodega isn’t just a place to grab snacks; it’s a vibrant student-led initiative symbolizing positive, unity, and empowerment.

Students Joel Bowman (12th), Antonio Smith (10th), Gionni Foreman (10th), and Iyonna Stephenson (10th), are the passionate minds behind this uplifting project. Together, they share its origins, impact, and dreams for the Bodega’s future.

Joel recounts, “The student government association tried to create a student store in the past. When Antonio brought the idea to me, it was such a good idea that we set up a meeting with the principal that day.”

“Every Wednesday, we send out the order form,” explains Gionni. “Students pick their favorites, from Apple watches to Takis, and place their orders. The next day, our Bulldog Bodega team packs them up, and on Friday, it’s delivery day”

The impact goes beyond snacks and gadgets. “I just really wanted to highlight the leadership experience that comes from the Bulldog Bodega,” emphasizes Antonio. “Iyonna is one of our great team leads. Many students wouldn’t have that opportunity. The Bodega gives them the chance to be a part of something positive.”

“It just shows how united we are,” added Joel.

And the results speak volumes. “Students are more invested in our school community,” says Antonio. “It’s bringing the students together.”

Gionni adds, “It makes their day better. Maybe on one random Friday, you’re having a slow day, and then you get the bodega order, and you’re filled with energy.”

Looking ahead, their vision is clear. “We want the Bulldog Bodega to be a lasting legacy,” declares Antonio. “A symbol of what students can achieve when they come together.”

Gionni shares his hope for the future: “I want it to shine as an example for incoming students, showing them the endless possibilities at Legacy.”

“We’ve come a long way since December,” reflects Joel. “And we’re just getting started.”

The Bulldog Bodega isn’t just a student store; it’s a testament to the power of teamwork, initiative, and belief in a brighter tomorrow. With each order delivered, they’re writing a new chapter in their school’s history—one snack at a time.

Posted on May 7, 2024 in Community