Parent Spotlight — Ms. Dominique Little

We’re proud to celebrate the contributions of our parents in the community with the KIPP DC Parent Spotlight. Inside this month’s spotlight is Dominique Little, an active member of her local community for more than 15 years and parent at KIPP DC Northeast Academy since 2017.

Currently, Ms. Little is a member of the KIPP DC Northeast Academy Parent Organization, where she also serves as communications director and secretary. “I come to Northeast Academy every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-6 and we talk about our children growing up, problems with their classes, and I try to work together with the school to make this a home for our students. If the parents, staff, and administrators are working together students our children will accomplish a lot.”

As part of her involvement with Northeast Academy, Ms. Little was able to work with school leader Caitilin Maxwell to establish a resource room for parents to meet as well as a monthly newsletter that keeps parents up-to-date on news and events around the school and in the community.

Beyond the work Ms. Little has done to strengthen ties between Northeast Academy and it’s parents, she also recognizes how critical parent engagement is to the student success. “It helps with attendance, peer pressure, so many things. Teachers really enjoy an active parent who’s willing to listen but also be hands-on. I communicate with my daughter’s teachers all the time and seeing that makes her feel good about coming to school.”

The drive to be involved and give back pushes Ms. Little to continue to find ways to promote positivity and leave an impact on her local community. “I think it’s my purpose to help mold our children to use their voice and be good citizens no matter where you come from. That’s why I’m so involved in the community.”

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Awards & Recognition