Parent Spotlight -September 2022

KIPP DC is proud to celebrate the contributions of our parents in the community with the KIPP DC Parent Spotlight. This month, we’re spotlighting Ms. Daisha Watson, parent of two KIPPsters at Promise Academy and KEY Academy. She’s been part of the KIPP DC community for several years, and is always excited to have the opportunity to volunteer on campus. 

“I usually try to volunteer whenever I can, including volunteering for field trips. As a vocalist, I even sang the anthem for a program they previously had. I try to be as hands-on as possible. I appreciate what KIPP DC stands for and how they are active with our students. I always try to ensure that I am highly involved in the school community. I feel it is essential for teachers to know that they are a part of our village because they spend more time with our children during the day than we do. So, I like to think of it as a partnership.”

A native Washingtonian, Ms. Watson is no stranger to helping those in her community, as she works as an associate healthcare ombudsman. 

“I help families all over the District with gaining access to health insurance and staying insured. We also help families who may need government assistance by ensuring their applications are processed successfully. Overall, my occupation is serving people on a day-to-day basis. It is a passion of mine, so it doesn’t feel like work.” 

Ms. Watson is a firm believer in going above and beyond. In addition to working full-time and volunteering in our community, she is also a full-time student at Strayer University, where she will receive a Master of Business Administration. 

“I’ll be finishing my MBA in December, and it’s always a great feeling when I receive certificates for being on the Dean’s List. My children can see that I’m not just demanding them to be great in their academics, but also seeing their mother doing the same thing and setting that example for excellence.”

When Ms. Watson isn’t volunteering on campus or working, she partakes in community service around the District and enjoys going to the spa. We couldn’t be more proud to feature her in this month’s Parent Spotlight!

Posted on September 29, 2022 in Awards & Recognition