School Leader Spotlight: Patrice Billups


Meet Ms. Patrice Billups | School Leader | KIPP DC Legacy College Preparatory

Patrice Billups is the principal of our newest high school, KIPP DC Legacy College Preparatory! After graduating from Alabama A&M University and the University of Pennsylvania, she has promoted Black excellence, so students could feel empowered to shape the world around them. She’s motivated the minds of KIPP DC students for over a decade. With an outstanding team behind her, she educates more than 400 future leaders.

What are some of your favorite characteristics about Legacy students?

“Our Bulldogs have so many phenomenal qualities, and I love them so much! Our students and families have an immense Bulldog pride that is a huge part of why our Legacy family is so strong. We’re Bulldogs, we stick together to support each other, and we are incredibly passionate about everything we do! Our kids are incredibly witty and exist in a very creative space. In addition, they have a tremendous amount of courage. My future leaders are very relentless. They continually show up with excellence! It’s not that we’re creating their courage. We’re just holding the space for it. And our kids are extremely passionate about so many things, and their passion has made Legacy what it is. I always get that sense of passion whenever I come through Legacy College Prep’s doors.”

What are you looking forward to this academic year?

“We take pride in celebrating and honoring excellence together as a family. In high school, there is a multitude of things I look forward to celebrating. This includes internships, college and career acceptance letters, the school dance, and graduation! We are also hosting our first performing arts showcase later in the spring semester. I am also looking forward to continuing to create spaces to fit our students’ interests.”

What’s the best thing about being a school leader?

“It’s difficult to name only one thing because there are numerous great components of being a school leader. I love organizing a team of people who are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space. It’s a terrific atmosphere for leaders to thrive and gives them choices and options to navigate the journey of possibilities. I’m honored to be a part of that. It’s also great to build strong relationships with our families. Parents have the option to choose any high school in the District. Nevertheless, when they decide to send their children to Legacy College Prep, it’s an honor and represents trust within the entire team. I also love our students so much. Their energy and passion are huge reasons I love being a school leader.”

Patrice Billups continues to inspire the next generation of leaders to leave their Legacy! Through her leadership, she has impacted the lives of many students, and we are proud to recognize her for the January School Leader spotlight.

Posted on February 6, 2023 in Awards & Recognition