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KIPP DC KEY Academy was built on the values of pride, build team, and work hard. Our team of passionate teachers prepares students academically, socially and emotionally for success in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond. Upon completion of eighth grade, KEY students have the choice to move onto KIPP DC College Preparatory or other competitive high schools in the region.

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"At KEY Academy, students thrive in motivating and rigorous learning environments, where they take pride in their academic success. We firmly believe that schools are responsible for developing students academically, socially, and emotionally to prepare them for a future filled with choice and opportunity."

John Barnhardt, Principal, KIPP DC KEY Academy


  • Build Team
  • Pride
  • Work Hard


KEY Academy fosters rigorous and supportive learning environments that prepare students for academic success in high school, college, careers, and beyond.

Students are engaged in a diverse curriculum of not only English, math, social studies, and science classes, but also orchestra, dance, and physical education.

Teachers at KEY Academy are committed to supporting the social-emotional development of their middle school students by developing close relationships with their students and families—ensuring a smooth transition into adolescence.


KEY Academy offers their middle school students a number of activities to grow as citizens and scholars, engaging them in a wide range of extracurricular activities, ranging from music to finance. Active clubs at KEY Academy include Girls on the Run, coding club, girls basketball, boys basketball, DC SCORES, honors orchestra, cheerleading, tech bridge, stock market club, track, and more.

Awards & Recognition

2018: KEY Academy is awarded a Bold Performance School by Empowerk12.

2017: KEY Academy is named by EmpowerK12 a Bold Performance School.

2016KEY Academy is ranked a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board.

2014: KEY Academy is ranked a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board.

2013: KEY Academy is ranked a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board.

2007: U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School.