Staff Spotlight: Tiffany Bryan

Tiffany Bryan | Music Teacher | KIPP DC Promise Academy

We want to recognize Ms. Tiffany Bryan as KIPP DC’s September Staff Spotlight! She is a music teacher at KIPP DC Promise Academy and joined KIPP DC in 2019 as a Resident in the Capital Teaching Residency. Before joining KIPP DC, Ms. Bryan, a DMV native, graduated from Elizabeth City State University, where she studied voice performance. Her deep-rooted passion for music has taken her on a remarkable journey, allowing her to travel the world and share her incredible vocal talent with some of the most prominent names in the world. With her impressive musical background and extensive experiences, Ms. Bryan made a conscious decision to channel her talents and expertise into the classroom. Her aim is to provide her students with a rich and inclusive understanding of music. We recently connected with her to gain insight into her journey at KIPP DC.

What led you to KIPP DC?

“What truly propelled me towards KIPP DC was not just the opportunity for personal growth, but the commitment to educational advancement. One aspect that resonated deeply with me is our mission to empower students to claim what is rightfully owed to them – a quality education that is their due. During my CTR year, I realized that we have a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for students to grasp what is rightfully theirs. This understanding fueled my desire to remain and thrive as an educator at KIPP DC. Knowing that I could play a pivotal role in laying their educational foundation motivated me even further.

KIPP DC not only provided me with this profound sense of purpose but also support. Despite my not having a formal background in education, KIPP DC recognized my potential and nurtured it. They acknowledged the value I brought to the table and pledged their commitment to harnessing and amplifying it.”

Ms. Bryan with her students in the classroom

What do you enjoy about working at KIPP DC?

“Honestly, it’s the students and their families. Family engagement has been a standout aspect of my time at KIPDC because it allows me to cultivate enduring relationships. Some of these connections go back to my days as a Capital Teaching Resident, and I continue to stay in touch with and support them. What truly brings me joy is seeing the familiar faces and witnessing the growth of both students and families. As the music teacher, I have the privilege of connecting with every student, extending beyond my core group, and that makes family engagement even more rewarding.”

As an educator who teaches children with a wide range of personalities, how do you foster a sense of community within your classroom?

“I’ve found that it’s essential to draw upon my personal background and share it with them. Many times, students may assume that teachers can’t relate to their experiences, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, I make an effort to bring my own family history into the classroom. I tell them, ‘I’m human, just like you. I have aunts and uncles who had the same nicknames as yours, and my family dynamic has similarities to yours.’ By demonstrating that my experiences are much like theirs, it helps build a connection. They find comfort in knowing that I can speak to them in a way they can relate to.”

If you could take the students that you work with to a field trip anywhere in the world, where would you take them?

“With my background deeply rooted in classical music, I’ve spent many years studying classical opera singing. If I had the chance, I would take my students to the Sydney Opera House in Australia to witness a spectacular show. While they may not grasp the language, the beauty of the performance transcends words. I envision dressing them to the nines for such an unforgettable experience.”

Ms. Bryan is a phenomenal educator who continues to make a profound difference within our school community. We are immensely proud to feature her as this month’s Staff Spotlight, and we eagerly anticipate her continued positive contributions to our students’ educational journeys.

Posted on September 21, 2023 in Awards & Recognition