Teacher Spotlight – January 2018

Meet Ms. Lindsey Dooner / 8th Grade Science Lead Teacher / KIPP DC KEY Academy

Lindsey Dooner, who teaches 8th grade science at KEY Academy teaches for the “aha” moment. She explains, “The best moments in science classes are when kids are struggling with the content but have an audible gasp… out loud! They suddenly understand – wait, this is just like what I’ve seen in the world outside of school!”

Before leading students into scientific discovery, Lindsey studied education policy at Georgetown University. She sought a career that would address educational inequity. Through the mentorship of a professor, she determined that the best step on this path would be entering the classroom. After starting her teaching career in D.C., she quickly feel in love with teaching.

Lindsey first learned about KIPP DC through an internship at KEY Academy. During her internship, Lindsey felt that she was part of the team. “The team and family vibe is very real. I experienced that even as an intern, I felt very included and able to contribute. We don’t close our doors and teach.” Lindsey officially joined the team in 2014 and has been a member of the science team at KEY since. About her team she shares, “I am able to work with others in deep and meaningful ways. My students have more opportunities because of the collaboration.”

As a science teacher, Lindsey values the continued focus on STEM fostered through her administration, instructional coaches, and STEM leadership. “We have 1-1 coaching from someone who focuses on solely on science. She’s in my classroom more than once a week for informal observations.” In addition to the support of the STEM team, she values the addition of the FOSS Curriculum, which emphasizes student exploration, and the growth of new partnerships, such as Techbridge which encourages girls to explore engineering. She shares, “I love that we are putting more emphasis on STEM. It’s super interesting for kids and so many of them want to go into science or engineering careers.”

In terms of lessons learned, Lindsey emphasizes the team and family aspect of her experience. “I’ve learned to focus on the school and the whole, rather than any one set of personal goals. I learned that early and still am reminded of it all the time.”

Lindsey Dooner teaching KIPP DC KEY Academy

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Posted on January 23, 2018 in Awards & Recognition