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KIPP DC seeks to build champions in order to secure the resources, experiences, and networks needed to provide students access to a world-class education and life-changing opportunities. Our supporters can think of no better place to invest their energy, time, influence, and money.

Because of this generosity, thousands of KIPPsters are on the path to college and a choice-filled life.


Connect directly with students, alumni, and teachers; host an intern, or apply to join our Ambassador Board. KIPP DC benefits from the generosity of skilled volunteers and the support of their networks. Complete this form to review which opportunity is right for you.


Want to see our schools in action? We welcome educators, parents, media, and members of the public to visit our campuses and meet our KIPPsters. Breakfast will be served.



Our college-bound KIPPsters are climbing the mountain to and through! Join us and celebrate all of their accomplishments and raise funds for books!

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KIPP DC relies 100% on private donations to fund growth efforts to reach more students and operate critical programs like KIPP Through College and the Capital Teaching Residency. Donate here.