Capital Teaching Residency Welcomes 97 New Teaching Residents for 2016-17!

Join us to congratulate and welcome the 2016-17 Capital Teaching Residency cohort!

We’re excited to be welcoming 97 new teaching residents to our Capital Teaching Residency! As an introduction to the program, the newly minted CTR’s participated in and completed our annual Capital Teaching Residency Summer Academy professional development training at our KIPP DC College Preparatory High School.

The CTR Summer Academy was one week long and filled with insightful discussions, diverse panels, and noteworthy sessions on education reform in Washington D.C.. Additionally, residents explored and discussed child development, behavior management theory, family engagement, race and equity in the classroom, and received lots of PRACTICE!

With all of that prep, our resident teachers are excited and well equipped to get into classrooms with their mentor teachers and meet their first class of students.

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Posted on August 2, 2016 in Awards & Recognition