Classroom Spotlight: Ms. Haley Bailey

Mrs. Bailey | Kindergarten Lead | Grow Academy

For our May Classroom Spotlight, we spent the day with Mrs. Haley Bailey and her class. From the KIPP DC CTR program to kindergarten lead at  Grow Academy, Mrs. Bailey challenges her students every day. “We don’t say ‘I can’t’ in my classroom. They can say ‘this is hard for me’ or ‘I can’t do it yet’.”

“I Love that my students are still very curious. They ask a  lot of questions. And they have so much empathy! They encourage each other, like ‘Nice job. You did that. You stayed on task today. You were loving to your friends.’ It’s something that I’m super proud of.”

“I really love that they have a love for learning and the curiosity that they have for the world around them. We just started a new math curriculum. It’s a lot more hands-on. They’re always like ‘We love math. We love learning.’

Her students even made an impromptu “We Love Math, because we can do it!” dance during our visit.

”When I’m helping kids learn how to read or learn how to understand math, when it makes sense and I see the light go off. They’re excited and they’re cheering for themselves. That’s like the best thing in the world.”

Check out some highlights from our classroom visit!

Posted on May 20, 2024 in Community