Cultural Exploration at Promise Academy

For 10 years, the Promise Academy Culture Fair has been advocating to foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and broadening students’ exposure to different ways of life.

Cultural experiences vary by grade level. From creating their own flags and designing their own buses to exploring iconic landmarks and grooving to funk music, our youngest learners get to “explore” all their home has to offer.

As the students progress to the 3rd and 4th grades, students learn as much as they can about other cultures, then present that culture to their fellow peers in unique ways. They spend the day immersing themselves in the beats from Trinidad and Tobago, exploring Thailand, Dancing in Puerto Rico, henna in India, and so much more.


Principal Monique Hardin-Simmons emphasizes the significance of the Promise Culture Fair within the school community, stating, “This event is so important to the Promise community because it integrates many skills that students are learning across subjects. It requires students to do the heavy lifting and determine how they can best communicate information. Lastly, there are opportunities for students to develop critical consciousness as they learn more about the world around them!”

Year after year, both students and staff impress with their dedication and creativity in bringing this cultural celebration to life. Principal Monique Hardin-Simmons expresses her admiration, stating, “I am super impressed every year to see how students and staff bring it together!”

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Posted on February 5, 2024 in Community