Legacy College Prep’s NAF Tank Sparks Innovation

In a recent endeavor, Legacy College Prep hosted a NAF Tank competition, drawing inspiration from the popular business reality television series, Shark Tank. This initiative sparked the entrepreneurial spirit within students from the NAF Academy of IT, offering a stage to not only showcase their creativity but also to refine essential skills such as public speaking and teamwork.

The NAF Academy of IT, an integral part of Legacy College Prep, focuses on preparing students for careers in IT, business, and entrepreneurship. The Shark Tank competition emerged as a dynamic initiative to bridge classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience.

Phuong Trinh, NAF Director, shed light on the motivation behind the competition, stating, “Communication is one of the skills we’re working on within NAF, so we decided to make it a competition with prizes and the opportunity for external partners to provide feedback. It’s not just us they’re hearing from, and it helps them build their professional networks.”

Each student group had the exciting challenge of pitching their dream computer system, equipped with a budget of $5,000. This immersive experience allowed students to delve into the realms of product development, financial planning, and persuasive communication – skills essential for success in the modern professional landscape. From cutting-edge gaming systems to innovative graphic designing platforms, students presented ideas that reached beyond conventional boundaries. 

NAF competitionThe collaborative nature of the competition also strengthened teamwork and problem-solving skills as participants navigated the complexities of product development within a budget constraint. For sophomore Antonio, the winner along with his group, this project served as a catalyst for stepping out of his comfort zone. Reflecting on the experience, he shared, “This project definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Navigating challenges in a group setting was a key achievement and it allowed me to appreciate different viewpoints.”

The NAF Tank competition not only enriched students’ academic experience but also offered a glimpse into their potential future careers. As they presented their prototypes to a panel of judges, students received valuable feedback and insights that will undoubtedly shape their journey toward becoming future innovators and leaders.

For sophomore student Gionni, who secured the runner-up position with his team, this experience was transformative. Expressing his experience, he shared, “This opportunity was impactful for me because I want to be a politician in the future. So presenting in front of the judges was a great way for me to enhance my public speaking skills and respond to questions on the spot.”

NAF Tank was not only a competition, but a celebration of success and growth. It underscored Legacy College Prep’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and continuous learning.

Posted on January 23, 2024 in Community