Family Spotlight – Mr. Davis & Ms. Jones

Meet Mr. Davis & Ms. Jones | KIPP DC Douglass Campus

KIPP DC takes immense pride in honoring and celebrating the invaluable contributions of our families within the community. This month, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Mr. Davis and Ms. Jones, two proud natives of Washington, DC, who are dedicated parents to their daughter who attends Discover Academy at our Douglass Campus. They have been cherished members of the KIPP DC family for three years.

Ms. Claudia Jones herself is an experienced teacher with over 13 years of experience, while Mr. Michael Davis serves as a building engineer for luxury high-rise buildings. When it came to choosing the right school for their daughter, Mr. Davis and Ms. Jones listened to the glowing recommendations of a friend whose child thrived at KIPP DC. Ms. Jones shared, “When our daughter reached the age of three, I immediately placed KIPP DC at the very top of our school selection list for the lottery, and she was accepted. Since then, her journey at KIPP DC has been such a great experience.”

Despite their busy careers, they consistently prioritize active engagement in various family activities at our schools, showcasing their commitment to their daughter’s education. In the words of Ms. Jones, “We participate in events like spirit week, which is always a fun occasion. We also love celebrating milestones such as birthdays and holidays, and we eagerly partake in events like Teacher Appreciation Week. Whether it’s a significant occasion or simply stepping into the classroom during drop-off or pick-up, no opportunity to contribute goes unnoticed by us.”

One of the cherished elements of the KIPP DC experience for Mr. Davis and Ms. Jones is the opportunity to witness the growth and development of the students. As Mr. Davis shares, “I am genuinely impressed by the visible difference in the students’ development and academic progress. It’s truly exhilarating for me to witness this transformation, and I am immensely grateful to be a part of it.”

When they’re not on campus, they can be found going on exciting family adventures and traveling to new destinations! Their active involvement in our community is a source of great inspiration, and we are honored to feature them as May’s Family Spotlight.

Posted on May 23, 2023 in Awards & Recognition