Family Spotlight – Ms. Erica Henry

Meet Ms. Erica Henry | KIPP DC Webb Campus

At KIPP DC, we take immense pride in highlighting the invaluable contributions of our dedicated parents. This December, we are honored to spotlight Erica Henry, a passionate advocate, and is currently a devoted parent and grandparent to several students at our Webb Campus.

Originally from Lumberton, North Carolina, Ms. Henry has been a DC resident since she was a teenager. Although she is a stay-at-home mom, she remains engaged in contract consulting as an HR professional. Her dedication to education and alignment with KIPP DC’s principles shines through her active involvement within our community. 

Her connection to KIPP DC dates back to her youngest daughter’s enrollment in fifth grade at WILL Academy, where she was an active PTO member, before transitioning to KIPP DC College Preparatory and graduating. Reflecting on her commitment to KIPP DC, Ms. Henry expressed, “I’ve always cherished being part of the decision-making process among parents in the school, while also encouraging other parents to become active partners in their child’s educational journey. That’s important for me.”

Her presence and contributions to KIPP DC and beyond have been instrumental. She is known for her commitment to fostering strong relationships and supporting initiatives that enhance the educational experience of all students.

One of the highlights of Erica’s involvement at KIPP DC has been her active engagement in supporting teachers and students, particularly in moments that require a nurturing touch. She shared, “I just love the community of KIPP DC. The teachers are really connected with the children and their families, and the admin has always been a great support. Being present for the children and teachers has been incredibly fulfilling.”

Beyond her invaluable support within the KIPP DC family, Erica Henry finds joy in contributing to her community in various ways. Her commitment extends beyond the educational realm as she actively engages in church-related activities and contributes significantly to multiple community-driven initiatives.

KIPP DC is incredibly proud to feature Erica Henry as this month’s Family Spotlight. Her dedication, passion for education, and unwavering support for our students truly embody our community’s spirit  and the values we represent.

Posted on December 13, 2023 in Awards & Recognition