KCP & Legacy OSSE Scholars

The OSSE Scholars Summer Enrichment Program provides high-achieving students the opportunity to attend top tier universities and take exciting and rigorous summer courses. Through this program, students are given the tools to help them navigate college courses, life, and, at some colleges, may even be given the opportunity to earn college credits. This year, we have the most KIPP DC students accepted in our history, with five from KIPP DC College Preparatory and five from KIPP DC Legacy College Preparatory. Check out more information on these wonderful students below.

KIPP DC College Preparatory OSSE Scholars

(left to right: Leah Sloan (Class of 2023),  Jaylen Pettiford (Class of 2023), Rudee Suru (Class of 2024). Not photographed: Kevon Gates (Class of 2024), Kameelah Abubakar (Class of 2024) )

Leah Sloan
Career Interest: Finance, Real Estate, and Social Work.
Fun Fact: I have an Internship at Freddie Mac where I work in the enterprise supply chain and calculate budget spending for suppliers.

“Being an OSSE scholar is significant to me because it’s another way to define my character and accomplishments. It’s also significant for me to receive a higher level of education with a diverse group of students in a different location.”

Jaylen Pettiford
Career Interest: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I am athlete and loves track and field.

“Being a OSSE Scholar is important to me because I get to learn a lot about colleges and gain experiences from not only these colleges, but the cities they are in as well. It’s also important to me because OSSE scholars gives me financial benefits for my high achievements.”

Kevon Gates
Career Interest: Entrepreneurship
Fun Fact: I like to design clothes whenever I have free time.

“OSSE gives students opportunities that they would normally not be aware of and that help is needed in the future, especially for students in African American communities.”


Legacy College Preparatory OSSE Scholars

(left to right: Kamaree Wedge (Class of 2023), Taletha Dawkins (Class of 2024), Ajani Atkins (Class of 2024), Anajah McPherson (Class of 2023), Ameera Bakker (Class of 2023) )

Kamaree Wedge
Career Interest: Nursing
Fun Fact: I am one of the captains of the cheerleading team and the treasure of SGA.

“Being an OSSE Scholar is important to me because it is going to help me with my future and allow me to build myself into the person that I want to be.”

Taletha Dawkins
Career Interest: Entrepreneurship
Fun Fact: I love to dye my hair fun colors.

“Being an OSSE Scholar helps to prepare me for my future which helps me feel even more ready to step into the entrepreneurship field.”

Ajani Atkins
Career Interest: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I am a hard worker, very determined, and love to create things.

“Being an OSSE Scholar puts me in the right direction to pursue computer science.”

Anajah McPherson
Career Interest: Acting
Fun Fact: I play basketball and helped lead our team to the championship.

“Being an OSSE Scholar will help me to learn more about acting and it will prepare me to have a career in that field.”

Ameera Bakker
Career Interest: Psychology
Fun Fact: I like anime and love to read books.

“Being an OSSE scholar will allow me to prepare for my future career and college experience.”


Posted on March 24, 2022 in Awards & Recognition