New School Leaders for 2022-23

New School Leader Appreciation

We want to recognize our new school leaders Jessie Pertuz – Lead Academy; Sheila Lewis – Discover Academy; and Quintin Lewis – Arts & Technology Academy.

Thank you for putting students first to make learning last a lifetime! Their passion for establishing new learning programs and systems to adapt and adjust to change is why KIPP DC is a joyful learning environment. Please join us in celebrating and recognizing our excellent new school leaders for the 2022–23 academic year.

Jesse Pertuz – Lead Academy

Jesse Pertuz leads more than 400 students at Lead Academy. Ms. Pertuz obtained her bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Before stepping into her role as the school leader, she worked in various positions elevating student success at KIPP DC for more than ten years. Her journey began as a founding third-grade teacher at Promise Academy, eventually expanding to KIPP DC College Preparatory and supporting numerous campuses.

What makes KIPP DC so unique?

“For me, it’s the relationships you build and how we operate to center our students’ success and ensure families are supported. Starting my career at KIPP DC as a teacher, I received endless support, and for the first time, I felt cared for by an organization and my teammates. We truly rally around one another for professional and personal support. Our students’ and their families’ excitement creates opportunities, so every day is completely different but impactful with a joyful learning experience.”

Sheila Lewis – Discover Academy

Sheila Lewis impacts the minds and souls of more than 300 students at Discover Academy. Ms. Lewis graduated from Howard University and earned a bachelor’s degree in communications before obtaining her master’s degree in education at John Hopkins University. Before stepping into her role as the school leader, she began her journey as a founding teacher at Grow Academy, eventually developing her talent and passion for students at Discover Academy.

What has excited you the most this academic school year?

“Parents interacting with their children as they enter the building is the best feeling in the world. You can see the excitement in their eyes as they wave goodbye to their parents and head to class. My son goes to KIPP DC Heights Academy, and having the morning motivational session with him sets the day for success. These moments are valuable and significant for every child’s day.”

Quintin Lewis – Arts & Technology Academy

Quintin Lewis amplifies the brainpower of more than 300 Arts & Technology Academy students. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in speech and theater from Jackson State University. The Capital Teaching Residency team recruited Mr. Lewis to join KIPP DC as a resident in 2014. The program is designed to excel beginning teachers into influential leaders. With development training throughout the years, he now leads a community of diverse leaders.

How is your philosophy displayed in your school?

“I love theater because it’s fun, and people connect with excitement. This skill makes learning enjoyable and thrilling for students as they obtain knowledge. It’s been stimulating to see my team tap into this skill set, allowing them to open up in new ways!”

Posted on October 28, 2022 in Awards & Recognition