School Leader Spotlight: Donyale Butler

Donyale Butler | Principal | KIPP DC Inspire Academy

Donyale Butler is the founding principal of our newest elementary school, KIPP DC Inspire Academy! Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, she was exposed to excellent Black teachers who inspired her to be an educator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Illinois and a master’s in gifted, talented, and creative education from the University of St. Thomas. She joined the KIPP DC family in 2018 to support our mission that all students deserve a quality education. Ms. Butler’s passion is to prepare students for the future by equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in modern society. This desire was motivated by her interactions with her former teachers. With a driven team, she educates the minds of more than 200 future leaders in Ward 8.
Donyale Butler, Principal at Inspire Academy

What thrills you about being a principal?
“The most thrilling aspect of being a principal is enabling teachers and motivating students to coexist freely. It’s the excitement of assembling jigsaw pieces to forge a new educational path for all young leaders. Educators at KIPP DC Inspire Academy place a high value on preparing our students for success in middle school and beyond. We support rigorous academics in all subjects by encouraging one another and praising accomplishments. I have the good fortune of working everyday to ensure that we are inspiring students and teachers to feel seen, heard, and cherished.”

What excites you about this academic school year?
“Reopening our doors to families and the community has been a pleasure. Inspire also launched its dance ensemble and cheerleading teams this year, and our theater class will perform The Lion King later in the spring semester. Seeing our young actors, singers, and aspiring artists in the production will be exciting. My daily purpose is to see my students and educators come together to learn and grow in a complex world.”

Principal Butler with her staff, all smiling at camera

What are your favorite characteristics of students and families at Inspire Academy?
“My team and I are constantly inspired by the enthusiasm of our students and the support our families provide. I’ve never encountered so many intelligent, ambitious, talented young leaders as an educator. We can provide them a secure environment to grow and prepare for a life of opportunity and choice. Every student knows they have the power to influence their destiny and make an impact because families and educators believe in their limitless potential.”

Donyale Butler continues to inspire the next generation of thriving leaders! We proudly recognize her for the March principal spotlight through her leadership and dedication to innovative academics.

Posted on March 31, 2023 in Community