School Leader Spotlight – Cynthia David

Cynthia David I Principal I Honor Academy

Cynthia David is the principal of our newest middle school, KIPP DC Honor Academy! From a young age, she knew education was her passion. Ms. David received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton and a master’s degree from George Washington University, both in education. She joined KIPP DC’s Capital Teaching Residency in 2010 at the Douglass Campus. Ms. David aspired to learn how to be an educator who empowers students to reach their full potential. 13 years later, she advocates for rigorous educational programs for students in Ward 8. With the help of her team, she stimulates the minds of more than 300 future leaders.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a school leader?

“I’m proud of building a robust and positive school culture that lends itself to solid academics. Students and educators feel supported, seen, and heard. Walking into Honor Academy’s doors and seeing people smiling with positive interactions between students, teachers, and administrators is significant. This environment leads to tremendous learning where everyone feels included and valued.”

What has excited you most this academic year?

“Student academic growth! First-year, fully back in action at Honor Academy, we often “Map Test” to highlight areas to connect and celebrate academic excellence. Map testing is an excellent opportunity to visually see academic growth within reading and math. Our students work hard, and we believe a festival is one of the best ways to honor their academic growth and support their achievements! We’re also kicking off more field trips for the spring semester starting in March. I’m a huge activist for ensuring our students experience as much as possible. By amplifying student voices to research and select educational field trips.”

What is an excellent day at Honor?

“Every day is brilliant at Honor Academy! We have educators throughout the hallways greeting students by their first names. Acknowledgment can kick off the day with positive energy! Each morning we have a 15-minute huddle for students to build more rapport with their class and teacher before diving into instruction. During specials, students can be found in art classes, indoor or outdoor physical education, mindfulness courses, and more! We are a restorative practice school, and we do community circles to connect, repair, and learn if harm has been done. Our classrooms are positive, predictable, and productive, and our teachers are present and prepared.”

From playing a teacher as a child to leading a school of inspiring minds, Cynthia David is dedicated to providing fulfilling middle school opportunities for all students to excel in high school and beyond. We are proud to recognize her as February’s School Leader spotlight.

Posted on February 24, 2023 in Awards & Recognition