School Leader Spotlight – Stephanie Beltrán Delinois

Meet Mrs. Stephanie Beltrán Delinois | School Leader | Quest Academy

Stephanie Beltrán-Delinois is the newest principal of Quest Academy elementary school at the Smilow campus. She brings more than a decade of teaching and leadership experience to her new role, including time spent as a founding first-grade teacher at KIPP Jacksonville. She recently served as a vice principal at Quest Academy, supporting third and fourth-grade students, teachers, and families. Her path to school leadership began while earning her bachelor’s degree from Colorado College. She gained her passion for serving the community through various experiences, such as working as an intern and a tutor in the juvenile justice system, solidifying her desire to pursue a career working for children and families.

What makes KIPP DC unique?

“We put students at the center of our work. Not only do we prioritize rigorous and enriching educational experiences, but we care for the whole child. We consider all the factors behind the scenes to ensure students have what they need. This includes high-quality books and educational materials. Also, providing their families with access to necessary community resources to support their education. Our elementary schools are wonderful places. We teach students to read, write and do math while nurturing their wellness and social-emotional development. Working with dedicated individuals committed to eliminating the barriers to student success is truly an enjoyable experience.”

What accomplishment are you most excited about for the 2022 23 school year?

“At Quest Academy, we are excited about building strong partnerships with our families as we welcome them back into our building. The staff here are lifelong learners because educating children, especially post-pandemic, requires a high amount of adaptability, skill, and vulnerability. I’m proud that at Quest Academy, we have a clear vision for serving our students by executing this every day!”

From KIPP Jacksonville to KIPP DC, Stephanie Beltrán-Delinois has always prioritized the students. Her journey and approach symbolize a commitment of passion for students, teachers, and families.

Posted on December 16, 2022 in Awards & Recognition