Stories of Support — Courtney

As the current public health emergency swept across the United States, Courtney was in her sophomore year of college at Clark Atlanta University. Her KIPP Through College & Career advisor quickly reached out to see if she was okay. After coordinating with her advisor, Courtney was able to secure $250 in emergency transportation assistance due to campus closures. She quickly booked a flight from Atlanta and was able to safely return to the District. 

“The grant made a difference. I’m grateful for my KTC advisor; he was able to step in and turn a difficult situation into something positive.”

Courtney is currently studying criminal justice at Clark Atlanta University with the dream of one day becoming a defense attorney. She is also actively involved in her campus community, volunteering her time to a service group called Breaking the Cycle and also supporting classmates as a resident assistant.

“My advisor is always checking in on me. Whether it’s sending internships or scholarships, to just checking in to see how I’m doing, he is always there. He’s asking questions and trying to be supportive however he can.”

Courtney is excited to return to campus in the fall and continue to pursue her criminal justice degree. She also looks forward to reconnecting with her classmates. Along the way, she’ll have the support of the KIPP Through College & Career team to help get her back to school healthy and safe.

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Posted on April 24, 2020 in KIPP Through College & Career