Alumni Return to KIPP DC College Prep for Alumni Panel

This week the KIPP DC Through College & Career team welcomed alumni back to KIPP DC College Preparatory for the 2018 Alumni Panel!

The day began with an overview of the KIPP DC Through College & Career program, team, and the plethora of services 12th grade students can expect to receive after graduation. After a short introduction, the alumni panel kicked off the conversation with an in-depth Q&A session. Seniors took advantage of the time and asked questions on everything from what to expect from the college search process and applying for scholarships to questions about finding one’s identity once in college and how to navigate difficult situations or conversations that may arise. Each year, we’re pleased to see the eagerness of alumni to share their personal experiences and the curiosity of seniors who are on the cusp of choosing which college to attend.

We look forward to seeing this group of seniors sharing their experiences at the 2019 Alumni Panel

KIPP DC alumni panelists:

  • Nate Green (Morehouse College)
  • Jade Polly (Davidson College)
  • Kennedy Hinnant (Muhlenberg College)
  • Lawrence Davin (Radford University)
  • Andre Hodges (University of Rochester)
  • Christian Sturdivant (Morgan State University)
  • Jenari Mitchell (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute- RPI)
  • Keyoni Glover (Towson University)
  • Barbara Hill (Radford University)
  • Cortney Jones (Trinity Washington University)
  • M’Kiya Fonville (Morgan State University)
  • Taylah Ashford (Virginia State University)
KIPP DC Alumni share on panel

KIPP DC College Preparatory 2018 Alumni Panel

Posted on January 12, 2018 in KIPP Through College & Career