High School Transition

Every student who finishes middle school at a KIPP DC school receives a KTC advisor and specialized support for 10 years. This support includes college selection, financial aid assistance,  ACT preparation, strategic goal setting, and pre-college workshops for students and their families.

The High School Decision Process

During KIPPsters’ 8th grade year, members of the KTC Team work with families to help them determine which high school is best for their child. Across the District of Columbia, all students seeking to attend a public charter high school or a selective D.C. public school must apply through the My School DC lottery. KIPP DC 8th graders receive lottery preference at KIPP DC College Preparatory—a Tier 1 high school.

KIPP DC College Preparatory

Over 90% of KIPP DC 8th graders choose to attend KIPP DC College Preparatory (KCP) for high school.  KCP is a welcoming, joyful, and productive high school. Classrooms are urgent, intentional, and rigorous. At KCP, every student is nurtured and celebrated.  KCP prepares students for college, careers, and choice-filled lives.
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Attending a Non-KIPP High School

Students who graduated from 8th grade at a KIPP DC middle school and chose to continue their education at another D.C. area high school will continue to receive support from the KIPP Through College & Career team. KTC helps all KIPP DC alumni succeed on their path to becoming thoughtful, intentional citizens.

"Along with my family, the KTC team has been my number one support system. Not only have they supported me with textbooks, care packages, and campus visits, they've been there for me through personal and academic struggles. I can't thank them enough."

Aaron Ford, KIPP DC College Preparatory '13 | Towson University '17