October Parent Spotlight — Mrs. Sherika Roberts

KIPP DC is proud to celebrate the contributions of our parents in the community with the KIPP DC Parents of Purpose spotlight. This month we’re spotlighting Mrs. Sherika Roberts, parent of two KIPPsters at KIPP DC Heights Academy and KIPP DC AIM Academy, respectively. She’s a constant and compassionate presence at our Douglass Campus, always available to offer her time to volunteer or interact directly with teachers and staff about her son’s education.

“I’m that mom that just loves to get out to the school as much as I can,” she said. “I love to volunteer and be in my kid’s shoes for a day to see what they’re experiencing. I just enjoy those things because your children won’t be young forever, and it’s fun to be able to experience life and school through their eyes.

She’s been a fixture of the Douglass campus community with both of her son’s having attended a KIPP DC school since PreK. This has created a family-like atmosphere where she’s forged long-term bonds with the teachers and administrators at the campus.“I know so many of the administrators because they used to be phenomenal teachers, and we still have great relationships,” she recalled. “Ms. Darby was one of my son’s elementary teachers and is now the principal at Heights Academy, so I’m happy to see her back. Ms. Cynthia David is another who is now an administrator but was my oldest son’s first-grade teacher.

As a fixture of the Douglass campus community and tireless advocate for both of her son’s education, she recognizes and embraces how critical parent engagement is to student success. “My boys know I’m engaged and know I’m here to advocate for them. I think it helps to hold them accountable in the classroom, but also let’s them know that regardless of what’s going on during the school day, no matter how big or small, it matters to me and I want to be a part of it.”

When she’s not on campus, volunteering, or at her job with the U.S. Department of Education, she enjoys reading about African-American History, and as a mother of three boys, any moment she has to wind down and relax. We enjoy having her as a member of the Douglass campus community and October’s Parent Spotlight!

Congratulations to Ms. Sherika Roberts for being this month’s Parent Spotlight!

Posted on October 24, 2019 in Community