Parent Spotlight — January 2020

KIPP DC is proud to celebrate the contributions of our parents in the community with the KIPP DC Parents of Purpose spotlight. This month we’re spotlighting Ms. Tyrina Hinkle, a longtime member of the KIPP DC family and parent of a KIPPster at KIPP DC College Preparatory.

Ms. Hinkle has been a KIPP DC parent since the opening of our Benning Campus in 2008. She’s a founding member of KIPP DC KEY Academy’s KIPP Parent Organization (KPO) and currently serves as interim president of KIPP DC College Preparatory’s KPO. Parent Organizations across KIPP DC are vital parts of our school communities and see parents and teacher leaders working together to impact student outcomes positively.

“Not only do the KPOs offer an outlet for a parent’s voice, but they are an outlet for parents to support one another,” she said. “Whether that’s finding another parent with advice on a similar situation that you’re in, or collectively as a group advocating for things we want to see.”

Much of Ms. Hinkle’s inspiration for her involvement in KIPP DC College Preparatory’s campus community stems from her son, who himself is extremely active as both a member of the track team and student government treasurer. “It’s not enough for me to expect of him to be involved or tell him he has to do these things. I want him to see the things I’m doing and be able to take it even further.”

Currently, a major focus for Ms. Hinkle and the KIPP DC College Preparatory KPO is encouraging positive social media habits for students and finding ways to educate parents on how students can use the platforms responsibly. She’s also an inaugural member of KIPP DC’s Parent Advisory Board, which is a group of 25 parents from across each of our campuses who meet regularly to provide input on new and existing KIPP DC policies, projects, and outreach to collaboratively support the students and families of our communities.

“The Parent Advisory Board was something I wanted to carve time out to participate in because it takes what we discuss in our individual KPO meetings to another level. Instead of helping enact change at your school, we’re helping amplify the voice of parents across KIPP DC.”

When Ms. Hinkle isn’t on campus or volunteering, she’s an active member of her church’s administration and loves discovering new restaurants across the city. As an active member of KIPP DC College Preparatory’s campus community and parent leader, she’s January’s Parent Spotlight!

Posted on January 22, 2020 in Community